To help your move go smoothly, we offer these 10 common pitfalls we hope you can avoid.

  1. Failing to research your mover:  If you hire a moving company thoroughly research them by checking Better Business Bureau and ensure they are licensed by your States Department of Transportation.
  2. Avoid spending too much on packing: Boxes and newspaper are easy to come by, and often free of charge. Spend a little extra time prepping to save money on packaging. Ask friends and relatives for storage bins they are not using and return them when done. 
  3. Packing heavy items in big boxes:  Heavy items should be treated like large items and be packaged by themselves, your back will thank you later.
  4. Forgetting to take measurements:  Know ahead of time if there will be any problems getting an item through the front door.
  5. Packing flammable, explosive or corrosive materials: You’ll be in violation of the law and put yourself and your movers in danger.
  6. Losing your Bill of Laden:  Bill of Laden is a contract between you and your movers, this is essential if any problems arise so keep with care.
  7. Leaving boxes blank:  Some people are uncomfortable writing items contained with in the box so they don’t record anything on them instead try numbering your boxes or bins and create a list that tells you what is inside each numbered box.
  8. Taking taxes too lightly:  There are specific guidelines as to which move-related items are tax-deductible and which aren’t. Make sure to check out the IRS website in advance of your move, and keep all relevant receipts.
  9. Disrespect movers: Make sure to introduce yourself to everyone on your moving crew and have refreshments at the ready. Making a good impression could protect your belongings over the long haul. 
  10. Forgetting to Change Address: Very important and in most cases be handled ahead of time, let your bills, company you work for,  drivers license, voter ID, &  post office know of your new address.