Real Estate Investing 101 Ten Tips

Here are 10 tips for you to ponder when you invest in Real Estate

1 Real Estate investing is a business, once you learn this you are ahead of the curve. 2 Check your credit report to determine if you can finance a purchase, do not get caught contracting without being approved first.  3 Find a good bank, contrary to what you hear there are good banks lending money. 4 Determine the best area to invest, look at the upside. 5 Talk with other investors, good investors share info, find a good one. 6 Consider multiple sources for buying opportunities, there are many many sources of leads. 7 Read about investing in Real Estate,put the clicker down. 8 Find a good realtor to help you, see 5 above. 9 Look for a return greater than 1% either in rent revenue or appreciation. 10 Learn from the best.                                        

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