Home Ownership Elusive For Adults Without Degrees

Student loans are often blamed for the record low ownership among young adults. But new research shows people without a college degree face bigger hurdles. College students without student debt will take just over 5 years to have a 20% down payment, it takes students with college loans around 10 years to save for the down payment, and who have no college degrees it takes close to 15 years.People without college degrees fare worse because incomes are much lower and because they are less likely to get help from friends and family to help with a down payment. The only way to save for a lower paying job is thriftiness. Most college graduates like to travel,dine out, and tailgate. A tradesman while earning less can save more money with focused savings and discipline. While not having a degree is a barrier to some, it can be done. The old saying college is not for everyone is true,but having a degree is a tremendous advantage for many opportunities in this country.