Home Inspections for Rental Units

When you sign a lease to rent a home there is always a clause for semi or quarterly inspections. When it comes time to inspect there is always trepidation for the tenant or Property Manager. As a property manager you are always on the alert for a disaster, as the tenant your first thought is no way. What we have found is it is an excellent time to view the property and have frank and honest conversations with tenants. Once you are there it allows for visual and mental notes to be taken,items that need addressing and knowing if the relationship is going forward. As tenant it is a great time to talk about the residence, point out problems, and give the property manager an idea of how the home is running. It allows the tenant to be confident, comfortable and give them the audience of their thoughts. It is a very good learning experience for both  and one of the best tools for an honest give and take of each party. As a property manager it is a requirement,as a tenant although inconvenient a great opportunity to make your living arrangements better going forward. Please use this important tool.