Better Rules for Mortgage Shoppers and Seekers.

Home shoppers no longer need to tremble all the way to the lenders office or have nightmares over being denied a home loan. A new report confirms its getting easier to get a mortgage and as a bonus borrower costs are still low.  The federal government and enterprises have taken several steps to to open up the credit box and and the efforts may be finally paying off. Credit scores on closed loans declined to their lowest level since Ellie Mae started collecting data in the early 2011. The Fico score average is down to 721 form 733. Closing rates remain high as well with more than 66% of all applications closing for the 3rd consecutive month. Closing rates on on purchase mortgage loans rose to 71%.  The other great news is a 30 year mortgage is below 4% and a 15 year mortgage is 2.98%. Great time to buy.