headshot-about-us-blue-2Providence Team Realty was started in June of 2015. The business was formed in order to fulfill a lifetime dream. The dream of owning a business in an area we are passionate about.

Kathy is a professional banker with twenty plus years’ experience and Tony, a Pinellas County School employee teacher and facilities manager.  During this time we bought, sold and managed rental properties for ourselves and family.

We came to the realization that we were interested more by real estate than our current professions so ultimately it was an easy decision to become Real Estate agents and work for Providence Team Realty.

We are local residents for over thirty years with a deep sense of what it means to be rooted in our community. Our Children were born in Florida and both college graduates of Florida schools.  We are proud parent alumni of Stetson University and UCF.

We have been dedicated to our family, church and community for the past thirty years and we will be dedicated to servicing ALL your real estate needs as well.

We are a full service Property Management Team with a strong emphasis in Business Finance, Real Estate maintenance and sales.

Our specialty in coordinating property repairs and tenant issues in a timely and orderly fashion will be transparent to you from the onset. Our family oriented vision is making what is best for you our Top priority as we take pride in making sure that your tenants are comfortable and enjoy calling your property their home.

When you’re in the market to buy or sell You can rely on us to find your very first home all the way to your retirement house.

When a rental is what you need We will assist finding you an enjoyable and safe place you can call your “home”