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During this season in time when the world seems to be moving at lightning speed and everything we once knew somehow seems different than we once remembered. Take a moment to notice the wonderful things God has blessed you with in life and while you are at it show kindness to yourself and extend that kindness to others and above all Don’t forget to Smile at the world and watch the world Smile back at you!

Easter Blessings to you and your family from ours:

The Perna Family

Real Estate Investing 101 Ten Tips

Here are 10 tips for you to ponder when you invest in Real Estate

1 Real Estate investing is a business, once you learn this you are ahead of the curve. 2 Check your credit report to determine if you can finance a purchase, do not get caught contracting without being approved first.  3 Find a good bank, contrary to what you hear there are good banks lending money. 4 Determine the best area to invest, look at the upside. 5 Talk with other investors, good investors share info, find a good one. 6 Consider multiple sources for buying opportunities, there are many many sources of leads. 7 Read about investing in Real Estate,put the clicker down. 8 Find a good realtor to help you, see 5 above. 9 Look for a return greater than 1% either in rent revenue or appreciation. 10 Learn from the best.                                        

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Sales of Exisitng Homes rise 0.4%

Healthy home sales kept the US Housing Recovery on track, though fast rising prices and jitters about the broader economy could crimp buyer demand in the coming months.Worries about the economy dented consumer confidence this month,including a drop in in the number of people saying they planned to buy a house in the next six months. Earlier this year, a number of housing experts has expected price growth to slow as buyers reached the limit of what they could afford. But recent indicators suggest that buyers are unlikely to get relief soon.  Month-over-month price gains were modest, giving some indication that momentum may slow heading into 2016. Miami had lower prices this month than last and 10 other cities saw smaller increases in December compared with November. Home prices are likely buoyed by low mortgage rates.The average interest rate on a 30 year fixed was 3.65 compared with 4.01 at the end of December.