5 Tips for A Good Open House

Here are 5 tips for a Good Open House

1 Have it off hour. Be different to get more people 3-5 instead of 1-3.

2 Enlist the Neighbors. Let them know and they will talk.

3 Use high and low technology. Stay online but use old tricks too.

4 Be security conscious. Keep valuables out of way.

5 Be absent. Let the pros do their job.

10 Ways to Keep Your House Clean

Here is a list of 10 Ways to Keep Your House Clean

1 Stay in Motion( Pickup and Organize) 2 Do not let dishes pile up ( Clean and organize)3 Laundry One load at a time( Do not be overwhelmed by LOADS of Laundry) 4 Make sure it is a full load ( No half loads)5 Wipe the sink and shower down(Easiest chore of all)6 Purge what you do not need (No clutter)      7 Be grateful to give( Eliminate what you do not want)8 Do it now (Do not procrastinate)9 Use Goodwill as your friend( Makes you feel good)10 Shop Smart(Buy what you need)

Common Mistakes Landlords Make

There are many mistakes landlords here is a Top of the Pile List

1 Overpaying for a property. ( Having a relationship with the property and not the Numbers) 2 Not hiring a property manager and thinking you can do it yourself. ( Bad rookie mistake)  3 Improperly screening the tenants. ( Just a killer getting the wrong person in) 4 Being lenient with a tenant. (They are not your friends)  5 Not charging late fees( This means they will pay late always)     6 Not responding to phone calls. ( If you do not care neither will they) 7 Not repairing problems correctly. ( This means you are going back) 8 Only visiting the property when there is a problem. ( Your missing the game) 9 Being lazy with your investment. (Tomorrow means I am okay with losing today)  10 Not having the gumption to evict. ( They will stay and not pay as long as you let them)


These are a few but there are many more. Hire a Property Manager.                                                                                                                        



Florida Housing Looking Good

Positive trends-more closed sales,higher median prices,new listings and fewer days on the market dominated November Florida Real Estate news. Also the decision by the Fed to slightly raise rates will not have a negative effect on home sales. The rate rise has spurred new sales. Median sales price for a SFR is around 200,000 up 13.6%, and for a condo the Median price is around 150,000 up 7.1% compared to last November. Inventory continues to be tight which really helps a seller in this market. Also there are still lower priced properties needing work which are a bargain. This is a great time to be a seller or investor in Florida.