Luxury Agents Have A Way With Words

To sell the priciest homes in the country you need the gift of prose. The higher the price the more flowery are the words. Some of the beauties: Majestically poised along the shimmering Gulf. The unique harmony of this haven of serenity suitable for undisturbed reflection. The realtors know how to use the buzzwords and love the prose challenge. The facts are homes listed for 10 million or more score at a 12th grade level,homes listed at 750,000 or less score out at a 7th grade level. When it comes to multi million dollar homes it is adverbs and adjectives galore. Luxury agents try to be more persuasive, where moderate agents are more a a matter of fact. Anybody who is going to spend over 10 million needs to be romanced. The prose factor is big.

Common Problems for New Real Estate Agents

The 5 Most Common Problems for New Real Estate Agents

1 Inexperience with regulations and paperwork

New agents go mad trying to gather information and prepare agreements at every turn . Answer: Have a mentor you can trust and rely on.

2 Failure to plan personal finances.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will work the business part time for the 1st year. Answer: Have other sources of income and adequate savings for the 1st year.

3 Trying to appeal to everyone.  A shotgun approach to pleasing everyone just does not work. Answer: Know your audience and cultivate the prospects. You do not have to perform business with everyone if it is not a good fit.

4 Taking the wrong approach online. A world of leads s online and that is where I will get business. Answer: Just not true old fashioned business cards and meeting people still works best.

5 Poor interaction with colleagues. You do not get along with others in your office or environment. Answer: Open your ears and listen, Quiet your tongue and get smart.