3 Florida Cities in Top 10 For Real Estate Investors

The hottest markets to get the most out of your money are as follows:

Top 10 Gainers

1) Dallas 2) Denver 3) Miami 4) Houston 5) Atlanta 6) Tampa 7) Detroit 8) Austin 9) Las Vegas  10) Orlando


Bottom 10 Losers

1) Hartford  2) Salt Lake City 3) Louisville 4) Milwaukee 5 )Washington DC 6) Los Angeles 7) Baltimore 8) New York 9) Boston 10) Birmingham

We are always surprised at the experts who say real estate will not come back. When you choose carefully with good data and research you cannot lose. Choose agents wisely.

Home Sales Head for Best Year Since 07

Sales of previously owned homes swung to a big increase in September,putting the market back on track for its strongest year since 2007. The September pace was 8.8% above a year ago at this time. The increase puts the market on pace for its best year since before the recession. Better job growth,continued low mortgage rates and pent up demand are fueling activity. There is less certainty whether the US market can sustain its growth. Among the biggest concerns are first time homeowners. The biggest problem is prices are rising faster than income. Home prices are up 6% while income was up 2%. That makes it more difficult for potential young buyers to save. In closing the market for sellers is extremely good and now is a great time to sell. For a qualified opinion on your home value please feel free to call us at any time for feedback. We would be happy to help you in any way we can. Please call us at 727 455 0455.

Pay Stubs and other Traditional Underwriting Standards on the way out.

Fannie Mae said on Monday it would allow lenders to use employment and income verification from a database maintained by credit bureau giant Equifax to verify borrowers ability to handle a loan, rather than relying on traditional documentation process. The move will make the mortgage process easier for borrowers and lenders alike. Fannie also announced changes for people who have no credit score. The traditional way of underwriting a loan with no credit score would be on a manual basis, but now Fannie will be able to underwrite those prospects in automated fashion.  Great changes and it is getting easier to apply for and obtain mortgage credit. For any real estate or mortgage question please call Providence Team Realty to get answers.

Homeowners accumulate more wealth than renters.

The recent housing crisis prompted questions whether home ownership is still a viable option toward wealth in this country. Confidence in home ownership was shaken and the number of renters increased 25%. Finances recently found median net worth including home ownership in 2013 was 195400 compared to 5400 for renters. Net worth of home ownership has significantly outpaced that of all renters who have accumulated very little wealth. The concept of savings and making monthly principal payments which reduce principal are effective and reliable in accumulating wealth. Also equity positions based on appreciation contribute to wealth as well. There is no doubt home ownership requires risk but there is still strong support between owning a home and accumulating wealth.

AFSP Community is walking to prevent suicide

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is at the forefront of research, education and prevention initiatives designed to reduce loss of life from suicide. With more than 39,000 lives lost each year in the U.S. and over one million worldwide, the importance of AFSP’s mission has never been greater, nor our work more urgent.

Join us in our community this Saturday 10/24/ 2015 at Straub Park in St Petersburg, Fl. to show your support or call or email us for further information on how you can participate.

Big Blessings,

Kathy & Tony


Investors Take Shine to Charters

Real-Estate Investors are showing an increasing interest in charter-school development as demand increases for classroom seats and some state and local governments become more willing to help finance charter school projects. The rise in investment activity partly reflects the growth of the charter-school movement,which has been overcoming political opposition in many states. Some states are beginning to make financing tools available to charter schools that had been limited to traditional public schools.There is a ton of capital coming into the industry by all accounts. Some of the newer entrants to the business say investors in charter schools can do well by doing good by limiting the schools pay no more than 12% of revenue to facilities. The good news it has generated a rate of return of more than 10% to its investors,according to people familiar with the matter. Another opportunity make a deal. Please call Providence Team Realty at 727 455 0455 or email at tperna@providenceteamrealty.com.

Some Zips Take a Dip

Despite improvements in the economy some Tampa Bay Home Markets have put on the brakes.

Cities/ areas with Highest % of Homes Losing Value

Thon0tosassa down 47%,  Hernando Beach down 43%,  Webster down 37%, Plant City down 37 %, Dade City down 37%,  Tampa down 36%, Ridge Manor down 33 %,  Zephyrhills down 32%, Riverview down 31%, Plant City down 30 %. Values down but great buying opportunities in all of these areas. 

Cities/areas with Lowest % of Homes Losing Value.

Gibsonton down 7.7%, St Petersburg down 9%, Largo down 10%, Pinellas Park down 10%, Land O Lakes down 11%, Citrus Park down 11%,  Town N Country down 11%, and Brandon down 11%. Values down but great buying opportunities in all of these areas.

There are a lot of statistics here but inventory is low and if you are interested in selling please give us a call. With a home in good condition and priced correctly your selling opportunity is very high.

The new “Know before you owe” rule.

Good Afternoon everyone;

The home buying process will change starting October 3rd. Prompted by Dodd-Frank expect delayed closings, fustrated borrowers and confused real estate professionals. Buyers will receive mortgage forms 3 days prior to closings to peruse and examine before signing on the bottom line. This is due to correcting prior borrower ignorance who were signing docs with no knowledge of what they were signing. This law is in effect to help borrowers be more competent when it comes to mortgages and finance. Lenders have spent millions in technology to comply and the compliance involves everyone associated in a real estate transaction. Most are worried about technology snafus,some blips and closing delays. In the end it will work over time with a dedication to getting transactions done properly. Please call us with any questions.